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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Systems

Techworks, Inc. is your premier partner for fire alarm solutions, offering expert fire alarm installation services and continuous 24/7 alarm monitoring. Our commitment to safety ensures that your property is equipped with cutting-edge fire detection systems, backed by vigilant monitoring for swift emergency response when needed.

Security Alarms

Techworks, Inc. excels in expert security alarm system installations. Our highly trained technicians customize and deploy cutting-edge systems, guaranteeing reliable protection and swift emergency response for government, commercial, and industrial properties.

Fire Alarms

Techworks, Inc. offers fire alarm installation services with a high standard for safety and compliance. Each member of our team is licensed for both fire alarm installation and software management. You can trust Techworks, Inc. with your fire alarm needs to guarantee the safety of your business.

Alarm Monitoring

Techworks, Inc. offers alarm monitoring solutions provided by licensed technicians skilled in software management. Our services prioritize real-time monitoring and rapid response to safeguard commercial, industrial, and government facilities.

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